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Presenting you the Round Up for the "EFM - Variety Rice Series" and I Welcome you all to the Round Up! A surprise awaiting for u all at the end of the Round Up....!

My sincere thanks to all you wonderful bloggers, who joined me to celebrate the Variety Rice Series and making this one, a successful event. So get ready to bookmark your favorite recipes and try it out in your kitchen. I received totally 109 types of variety rice recipes. Can we all get this altogether from one person or from one book? It's impossible, i can say!

Thank you one and all for your delicious contributions and making it a very successful event. It’s because of you all lovely bloggers now we have One-Stop-Shop for Various variety rice recipes. I am really very happy and thank you all for your support and encouragement. I have submitted the round up in the order i have received the entries.Here is what you have been looking forward to…

If i have missed any of your entries, please contact me to my mail id srikitchen@gmail.com, so that i can update the missing entries.

1. Coconut Rice (Thengai Sadam) from Kamala Bhoopathy

2. Spicy Dum Mushroom Biryani from Sushma Mallya

3. Tawa Vegetable Rice from Sushma Mallya

4. Paneer & Corn Rice from Sushma Mallya

5. Hyderabadi Biryani from Sushma Mallya

6. Tamarind Rice from Priyaprashanth

7. Paneer Peas Pulao from Valarmathi

8. Pudina Rice from Anupama

9. Kalthappam from Vrinda Mahesh

10. Curd Rice from Priyaprasanth

11. Sambar Sadham from Indu Srinivasan

12. Methi leaves pulao from Indu Srinivasan

13. Peanut rice from Indu Srinivasan

14. Nellikai sadam from Indu Srinivasan

15. Vegetable masala rice from Indu Srinivasan

16. Keerai rice (spinach rice) from Indu Srinivasan

17. Sweet Rice from Meeso

18. Potato Pulao from Saju Sharfu

19. Mint peas rice stuffed peppers from Sowjanya

20.Paneer Kofta Biryani  from Sowjanya

21.Corn & Peas Rice from Nandini

22. Orange Rice from Vidhya

23. Curd rice from Vidhya

24. Tomato Rice from Vidhya

25. Palak Pulav from Vidhya

26. Bell Pepper rice from Vidhya

27. Veg. paneer pulav from Rekhashoban

28. Pineapple Sadam from Radhika Vasanth

29. Cranberry Rice form Champa

30. Coconut Rice from Esaiselvi

31. Rajma Rice from Shama Nagarajan

32. Vegetable Biriyani from Shama Nagarajan

33. Mutton Biriyani from Shama Nagarajan

34. Peas Pulao from Shama Nagarajan

35. Mushroom Biriyani from Shama Nagarajan

36. Coconut Milk Tomato Rice from Shama Nagarajan

37. Tomato Rice from Shama Nagarajan

38. Dal methi leaves rice from Shama Nagarajan

39. Healthy green rice from Shama Nagarajan

40. Ven Pongal from Shama Nagarajan

41. Capsicum Rice from Shama Nagarajan


43. Garlic Rice from Shama Nagarajan

44. Lemon Rice from Shama Nagarajan

45. Bisi bela bath from Shama Nagarajan

46. Puliyotharai from Shama Nagarajan

47. Cauli flower rice from Shama Nagarajan

48. Coconut Rice from Shama Nagarajan

49. Carrot Rice from Shama Nagarajan

50. Multi protein rice from Shama Nagarajan

51. Coconut milk vegetable rice from Shama Nagarajan

52. Brinjal Rice from Shama Nagarajan

53. Chicken Biriyani from Shama Nagarajan

54. Sweet Pongal from Shama Nagarajan

55. Ghee Rice from Shama Nagarajan

56. Turnip green rice topped with cashews and cheese from Raje

57. Bisibele bhath from Raje

58. Paneer fried rice from Raje

59. Tricolor fried rice from Raje

60. Lemon Rice from Raje

61. Avarekalu Akkitari Uppittu/Avarekalu Upma from Pari Vasisht

62. Methi Bhaath from Pari Vasisht

63. Avarekalu akki roti from Pari Vasisht

64. Capsicum Pulav from Sabreen Nazeer

65.Pomegranate Rice from Nandini

66.Kuzhi Paniyaram from Nandini

67. Carrot Methi Pulao from Nandini

68. Curd Rice with Turmeric from Nandini

69. Yellow Rice from Priya

70. Rajma & Bellpepper Pulao from Priya

71. Chinese Vegetarain Fried Rice from Priya

72. Curd rice from Lissie

73. Jeera Rice from Malini Basu

74. Paneer Peas Pulao from Malini Basu

75. Jeera Peas Rice from Malini Basu

76. Kiribhath from Malini Basu

77. Mishtibhaath from Malini Basu

78. Averekalu/Fresh field beans Palav from Padma

79. Fried Rice from Namitha

80. Masala Dosa from Namitha

81. Chicken Biryani from Namitha

82. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani from SE(Denufood)

83. Chana Dal Pulav from SE(Denufood)

84. Mixed Vegetable Pulav from SE(Denufood)

85. Kobbarannam from Kavya Naimish

86. Kichidi from Kavya Naimish

87. Methi Pulav from Kavya Naimish

88. Vegetable Dum Biriyani...using ready made paste from Prathiba

89. Onion Capsicum Rice from EC

90. Vegetable Dum Biryani from Usha Rao

91.  Pumpkin in Coconut Milk(Olan), Lemon Rice(Brown) & Ginger Spiced Soup(Rasam) from Sadhana

92. Kabsat al dajaj / Chicken with rice and tomatoes from Faiza Ali

93. Arroz verde/ mexican green rice from Faiza Ali

94. Mutton biryani(Bangalore style) from Faiza Ali

95. Mansaf/ Jordanian rice  from Faiza Ali

96. Amarnath Rice from Avanthi Rao

97. Methi Pulao from Avanthi Rao

98. Vrat ka Chawal from Avanthi Rao

99. Ven pongal from Avanthi Rao

100.  Mushroom Rice from Kanchan

101. Onion and Potato Rice from Kanchan

102. Garlic-icious Rice from Jayashree

103. Ghee Cocnut Rice from Rina
104. Tava pulao from Renuka Bedre-Rao

105.  Jeera rice and Dal fry from Renuka Bedre-Rao

106. Capsicum n Corn Rice from Saraswathi Iyer

107. Curd rice with Pomogranate from Saraswathi Iyer

108. Egg Fried Rice from Jayashree

109. Ghee Rice with Mixed vegetable curry from Srividhya Ravikumar. Her recipe follows:
Ghee rice

Ghee rice is a very easy rice recipe and i cooked the entire thing in rice cooker.Here is the recipe directly.

Add 5 tsps of ghee in rice cooker pan and add 2 bay leaves, a big piece of cinnamon and 6 pieces of clove.
Now add 2 onions and fry till transparent,then ginger-garlic paste ,chopped one tomato(i use bangalore tomato which gives nice taste to it).
Add washed 1 cup of basmati rice and fry all together without adding water.Add salt and a bunch of mint leaves now.
Now add water - i added 11/2 cup water for 1 cup rice. close the cooker and let it cook. When it is done take out gently..
Ghee rice is ready with mild masala and is not spicy at all..

Recipe for Mixed Vegetable Curry (without oil)

Carrot - 2
potato - 2
Beans - 10
Frozen peas- 100gms
capsicum -1
onion -1
Tomato - 2
Ginger-garlic paste - 1/2 tbsp
Garam masala powder -1/2 tsp
chilli powder - 1tsp
turmeric powder 1/4tsp
coriander powder - 1/2tsp
sugar - 1/4tsp
coriander leaves


chop and cook the vegetables in a pressure cooker for 1 whistle or in a microwave for 4min.

Grind the tomatoes with the above masala powders.

add ginger-garlic paste to the cooked vegetables, tomato puree mixture, salt, sugar and stir well.

cook for 5 more mins until the masala blend with vegetables.

Garnish with coriander leaves..

Undoubtedly, the First Place goes to Shama Nagarajan,for sending maximum of 25 entries to the event! Enjoy it and Congrats Shama!

And the Second Place goes to Indu Srinivasan and she has send 6 entries for the event and  Congrats to you Indu! 

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Halo Friends!!!!

Happy to see you all again after a long break! We shifted our place to a new location by last week which was not pre-planned earlier and so we were very busy with house hunt and in shifting our things to new place and everything happened in a hurry ! Now we have settled well now here and only by yesterday i got the internet connection and so i was not able to post the round up of variety rice series and missed you all and your delicious recipes in this break!

I am really thankful to all the blogger who participated in the EFM - Variety Rice Series and made it successful! I have received numerous entries for Variety Rice Series for which the round up will be published tomorrow!

Now its time to announce the theme for this month. Theme for EFM (Event for the Month) for the month of December  is  "MUTTON RECIPES". So, come out with all your mutton recipes and am awaiting eagerly for your entries.

Rules for Participating in the Event:

1. Prepare any type of Mutton recipes,and post it in your blog in the month of December 15,2009 to February 15th,2010 with the logo and a link back to this page.

2. If you already have appropriate entry archived, please make sure to re-post it during the period of event with the logo and a link back to this page. Only the entries re-posted during the entry will be accepted.

3. Do not forget to provide a link back to this announcement page and to use the logo .

4. Interested people can Subscribe my blog via E-mail, so that you can receive my recipes to your mail address itself.

5. Email your entry to srikitchen@gmail.com, with "EFM Theme - Mutton Series" in the subject line with following details

* Your Name
* Blog Name
* Blog URL
* Recipe Name
* Recipe URL
* Photograph of final dish(200 x 200 Pixels) and it is a must.
* id which you have used to subscribe my blog

6. The deadline for this event is
FEBRUARY 15th,2010. Please remember that no late entries will be entertained.

7. There is no limit to the number of entries.

8. If you don’t have a blog but wish to participate in this event, send your entries with a picture, your name and recipe to srikitchen@gmail.com before the deadline. I will post the recipes with your picture in my blog and include it in the round-up.

Hope all started to prepare your dishes in your kitchen and let's have a great one stop for Mutton recipes!

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