Ice Creams And Milkshakes Event Round Up!!!

Presenting you the Round Up for the "Ice Creams and Milkshakes Event" and Welcome to the Round Up!

My sincere thanks to all you wonderful bloggers, who joined me to celebrate the spirit of summer with ice creams and milkshakes and making this one successful event. So get ready to bookmark your favorite recipes and try it out in your kitchen. Thank you one and all for your delicious contributions and making it a very successful event. It’s because of you all lovely bloggers now we have One-Stop-Shop for Ice Creams and Milkshakes. Here is what you have been looking forward to… Presenting you Ice Creams and Milkshakes Round-up…


Myspicykitchen has a "Healthy Fruit Milkshake and Lassi" for us.

Ivy also has a nice and cool drink for us for this event. Her "milkshake with 3 fruit, ice cream and whipped cream" and "Apricot and apple milk shake with vanilla ice cream" goes here.

Sukanya has really brought a new milkshake "Milo Dinosaur" which is her daughter's favorite.

Suma has a good refreshing drink "Mango Milkshake" which is all time kids favorite.

Kamala has come out with yummy Strawberry Milkshake which is looking very delicious.

Priti has sent a Chocolate Milkshake for the event which is mouth drooling.

Anisheetu has come out with her three unique milkshakes and its looking yummy and mouth watering. Her Mango Soufle, Custard Apple Soufle and Custard Milkshake with pictures in order.

Sireesha, a wonderful blogger, has herself have a complete round up for milkshakes and you check out for all her recipes here and let's see her recipe images.

Strawberry Smoothie

Banana Orange Smoothie

Mango Lassi

Badam Milk

Apricot Almond Delight

Priyanka, has Gulabi Lassi for us and the name of the recipe itself, very new for me and its looking good too.

Priyanka also has Strawberry Smoothie and Mango Maharajah for milkshakes treat here and Banana Freppe for us here.

Sangeetha has brought three different milkshakes for the event and definitely its a good drink for all of us and check out for her recipes here. Her Banana and Dates Milkshake, Apple Milkshake and Mango Milkshake are here respectively for treat for our eyes.

Easy Crafts has Chocolate Milkshake and its dark brown color feel everyone to be hungry and its a good sweet drink too!

Vanisri, has sent in Mango Milkshake also for us.

Curry Leaf has here with us with her Simple Sharjhah Shake and its looking good.

JZ is here with her Sharjah Shake, Cappuccino Shake, and Carrot Milkshake.

Ice Creams

Foody Guru has prepared an ice cream with Ferro Rocher Chocolate which looks yummy and inspires everyone to prepare once we come across the recipe.

Sireesha has sent an easy to prepare Peach Mango Kulfi and really its a delicious dessert.

Priyanka has Mango Kulfi with Cranberries for us which is really a new recipe for me with cranberries and that too has come out very well for her.

kitchen Flavors, has Banilla Ice Cream for us, which i have never heard so far and am going to try it out very soon in the coming days.

Lakshmi has sent one of my favorites Kesar Mango Kulfi for us.

VaniSri, has yummy Fruit Sticks for our kids and i know that it really tastes good since i tried out her recipe already and will soon post my recipe too.

Sujatha has send one more delightful Pista Kulfi which is looking so good!

Jz has come out for the event with her three ice cream recipes too.Banana Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream and Cheesecake Ice Cream are respectively here for your eyes.

has come out with 4 of her wonderful ice cream recipes in her busy schedule too and thank u so much JOY! Check out the recipes of her ice creams here.

I have tried not to miss any of your entries and please leave a comment or mail me if there are any omissions and I will make the correction accordingly.

My entries for this event:

Rose Milk

Apple Milkshake

Mango Milkshake

Vanilla Ice Cream

Rose Milk and Tagged! and Entries for the Event!


Concentrated Rose Syrup (will be available in stores) - 10tbsp (adjust according to your sweetness)
Cold Milk - 1 Glass
Ice Cubes - 6

Cooking Instructions:

Blend everything together and serve it in a glass. top up with crushed ice cubes, if you desire to have more chilled.

I was tagged by Vanisri and Ramya a long back and doing it for them today and am very sorry Vani and Ramya for my very late response.

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7 Facts about me.

1. WORK: Was working for an associate of Citibank before i got married and became a full time home-maker, after my marriage.

2. EDUCATION: Commerce Graduate and Masters in Computer Applications

3. FRIENDSHIP: It means a lot to me. Am now Blogging with such an enthusiasm only because of my blogger friends. Have lot of friends.

4. RELATIONSHIP: Lovely daughter for my parents, smart wife for my hubby and a friendly mom to my son

5. WWW: Knew about it from college days.

6. FITNESS: Physically healthy but unable to maintain it regularly

7. DREAM: To visit US, Singapore and Malaysia but don't know when it comes true!

I like to tag 7 people now.
Curry Leaf, Anisheetu, Pearls of Feast, Aparna, Sireesha, Archy, Paru

I have to do one more tag for Anisheetu and Curry Leaf and will try to do soon for them too!

My entries for the Eat Healthy - Calcium Rich Contest hosted by Sangeetham.

Rose Milk

The recipe goes here.

Mango Milkshake

Recipe goes here.

Apple Milkshake

Recipe goes here.

Mango Fruit Custard

Recipe goes here.

Bajji Chaar

Home-Made Eggless Vanilla Ice Cream

Recipe goes here.

Green Peas Pulao

Recipe goes here.

Recipe goes here.


Recipe goes here.


REcipe goes here.


Recipe goes here.


Recipe goes here.

Mullumurungai Keerai Vadai

Recipe goes here.

Keerai Kolambu

Recipe goes here.

Keerai Poriyal

Recipe goes here.

Keerai Kootu

Recipe goes here.

Udaichuvitta Muttai Kolambu

Recipe goes here.

Fresh Green Beans Curry

Recipe goes here.

Soya Beans Curry

Recipe goes here.

Butter Beans Curry

Recipe goes here.

Fresh Green Peas Curry

Recipe goes here.

Ladies Finger / Okra Podiams

Recipe Goes here.


Recipe goes here.

Cauliflower 65

Recipe goes here.

Cauliflower Kolambu

Recipe goes here.

Vermicelli Kheer

Click for the recipe here.

Large Red Gram Kolambu

Click for the recipe here.

Chickpeas Chat

Click for the recipe here.

White Pumpkin Raitha

Click for the recipe here.


Click for the recipe here.

Egg Curry

Click for the recipe here.

Palak Paneer

Recipe goes here.