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Hi friends,I was little busy with the varalakshmi pooja performed at my home on 15th of August. so i was unable to post recipes for few days. And am back now!

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Puttu Maker

Puttu is a famous Kerala dish. I have prepared puttu with the help of a puttu maker, a steamer used to cook puttu. Those who don’t have puttu maker, no need to worry! We can prepare it in the idli cooker itself. Puttu maker is of two parts: one is the base portion look like a pot and the second portion is the top one look like cylindrical pipe.

This is how the puttu maker looks like.

Here I have presented two types of puttu, one is rice flour puttu and the other is Ragi Puttu.

Rice Flour Puttu

The main ingredient for preparing puttu is rice flour. Rice flour can be prepared at home specially for puttus or otherwise we can buy puttu flour from stores. Puttu flour bought from stores absorbs water a little more than the home made rice flour.
To prepare puttu flour at home, take necessary amount of raw rice (pacharisi) and soak it in water for about 2 hours. After 2 hours, drain the excess water and spread the wet rice in a clean cloth and let it dry under sun or fan for about half an hour. Grind it in a mixie or a food processor without adding water a little coarse and its now ready to prepare puttu. Home made puttu flour, when cooked will be soft and look whitish.

If you have prepared large amount of flour, dry roast the grinded flour in a pan until it turns little red in color and let it to dry under fan a few minutes and then store it in an airtight container. You can use this puttu flour whenever you require.


Rice flour – 2 cups
Coconut – ½ shell (finely grate it)
Sugar – to taste
Salt - to taste

Cooking Instructions:

Add ¼ tsp of salt or as u require in the flour and mix it well and now add water little by little slowly and mix well. The flour after adding water should be in the bread crumbs state and should not like the dough and should be wet enough for steaming.

Add a little amount of flour in the puttu maker and add a little amount of grated coconut and add a little amount of sugar. Repeat this stack until the top of the puttu maker. Now close the lid. (Instead of adding like this three layers repeatedly, you can just fill the rice flour itself completely and after it is finished cooking, you can add grated coconut and sugar to it and mix well and then can serve it. this is how I prepare at home.)

Fill half of the base portion of puttu maker with water and fix the cylindrical pipe on that base pot portion and let it cook for 7 minutes in simmer flame. When it is finished cooking, remove the cylindrical portion and push the flour with a stick provided with the puttu maker.

Ragi Puttu

Ragi Flour (purchased from groceries) – 2 cups
Coconut – ½ shell (finely grate it)
Sugar – to taste
Salt - to taste

Cooking Instructions:

It is as similar as preparing rice flour puttu. Instead of filling rice flour, we are going to add ragi flour. This ragi puttu tastes great than rice puttu.

You can eat this puttu as it is without side dish also. Children love this, especially ragi puttu.

Side Dish: Coconut Milk with Sugar, Kondaikadalai Curry, bananas.


notyet100 said...

how do u eat puttu,,with any side dishes,,.or juts plain,..totally new one for me,..even i was busy last weekend,..;-)

SriLekha said...

that's a good doubt and i forgot to add about side dish in my post priyanka! now i heve edited the post and the puttu can be taken without side dish also.

Ramya Bala said...

ippalam i am seeing my dad's fav(he likes only very few stuff)in others blog n started missing him..nejama!india poganumnu nenaika vaichuteengalae...nice one dear

SriLekha said...

thanks ramya indiaku vaangapa!

Sangeeth said...

very nice lekha...luv puttu....but i dont have one here with me...so i do it in a diff way...luv ur puttu maker...

Madhavi said...

This look delicious, never made and taste this b4. Very nice entry!!!

SriLekha said...

thanks madhavi!
thanks sangeeth! u can do it with idli cooker!

sowmya said...

puttu looks yummy..mys is made this last week ..am going to try this..

SriLekha said...

thanks sowmya!

Priti said...

Love puttu....we had mallu neighbor in chennai whom always use to share puttu with us whenever they make :) ..last time had puttu in Munar with chaana masala ..it was so gud...coming back to ur puttu...looks so yummy..i love puttu with sugar too ;)

bhags said...

this is a new dish to me ....never heard of it.

Congrats for all ur awards, and thanks for thinking about me....sorry for the late reply

SriLekha said...

thanks bahgs!
thanks priti!

Shreya said...

hi, Awesome puttu both rice and ragi. So healhty! Wish I could have a puttu maker like that. Mine was in the round one (in place of coconut shell), and my daughter started playing wiht it and broke it. I am going to get one too asap :-)

Nidhi said...

Have eaten Puttu with a Banana from my friends' tiffins. Had never seen a puttu maker before though had made my frineds describe it to me several times.

Thanks for sharing the recipe

SriLekha said...

thanks nidhi and shreya!

LG said...

I am hungry now...I have never made puttu..though heard of it tons of times, will sure try this out!

SriLekha said...

thanks lakshmi!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Puttu looks too yummy dear.. glad to know u enjoyed ur vacation.