Rava Kichadi

I can’t believe till now that I have tried Rava Kichadi in my kitchen. Because, when I hear, Rava Kichadi, I simply say “No” and I don’t like it most. But, it is my SH’s favorite dish. He use to ask me to prepare kichadi for him, most of the times. But, I haven’t tried for him. And he use to have it restaurants we go for. After and almost 8 years of my marriage life, I prepared Rava Kichadi for him and he was so amazed of it, not b’coz f my preparation but because of its taste. It came out too good and I too tried it and wondered why I have said NO to this recipe without even tasting once itself. I promise everyone will like this simple dish. It was really too good and so light. Hereafter, I will try it in my kitchen frequently. And, will not say no to any dish without tasting it.

rava kichadi

Homemade Garam Masala

Garam Masala, a flavorful masala powder, a blend of most of our Indian spices, used in lot of variety rices, biriyani’s, and gravies. So, we can say it is a must to have ingredient in our Indian kitchen. If you start google for this recipe, you will have a lot and lot of recipes, and Here, I have shared my version of preparing Garam Masala, which I believe it, as a strong, flavorful one. Whenever I prepare this garam masala at home, its nice aroma, fill my home, a whole and whole day. The secret ingredient of most of all my recipes is this “Homemade Garam Masala”.



Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger Garlic Paste recipe doesn’t require much introduction since everyone knows that it is very simple to do.It is purely and purely for beginners who has just now stepped into kitchen for cooking.  But, it is an essential ingredient in every home and most of our Indian dishes has Ginger Garlic Paste in it. Ginger Garlic Paste is cheaper in stores too. But, what made me to prepare Ginger Garlic Paste at home is, Preservatives and Adulteration, which is in most of the items we buy today from stores, which is unhealthy too. When I started to prepare Ginger Garlic Paste at home, I found the fresh flavor in it, which we cannot see in store bought bottles. Ginger and Garlic aids in digestion when we add in our food.


Green Peas Pulao

Peas Pulao is an easy-to-do recipe but a flavorful and tasty one. Pulao’s, generally, will be mild and delicious. Similarly, Green Peas Pulao, can be done in minutes, tastefully. It’s an easy meal to pack for lunchbox. When I prepared Peas Pulao, this time, especially, my Kiddo Amii loved it much.


Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a famous North Indian Gravy, which goes well with Pulao’s, chapathis, rotis and naan. I watched this recipe, a year back, in a television show.  At that moment itself, I was tempted to prepare the dish. But, unfortunately, when I tried Dum Aloo, a few months back, I can say that it did not come up to the mark and I felt very bad. Then I dropped the idea of preparing dum aloo at home. Last week, when I purchased baby potatoes, I thought of preparing dum aloo again, with few variations in the recipe I already had from the show. Really, I can say, it came out too good and I was so happy of it and even SH too enjoyed it. I prepared it along with Peas Pulao and the combination was really really excellent and I packed it for my kiddo’s and SH’s lunch.
dum aloo

Tiffin Sambar

Most of you may think what is “Tiffin Sambar”? Is it different from usual sambar? yeah, of course, tiffin sambar is different from usual one, we prepare for rice. It will be little thicker in consistency, less spicy and has a hint of sweetness in it. It goes well with all our South Indian breakfast items like Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Upma, Vada and surprisingly even with Lemon Rice, Jeera Rice and so on.


Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice is a simple and a flavorful rice, which is easy to cook and tastes awesome with simple ingredients in it. When I run out of vegetables in refrigerator, I simply cook it and we can pack for lunch too. Any gravy will match with Jeera Rice. I use to make tiffin sambhar along with Jeera Rice. Everyone can think sambhar with Jeera rice? But you will accept that it’s a great combo, when you give a try. I use to prepare it regularly in my home and especially during Pongal festival, along with lemon rice, curd rice and sweet jaggery rice.


Gooseberry Pickle–With Zero Oil!

Gooseberry is a fruit which has high source of Vitamin C. It has lot of health benefits and so why it is used in our Indian Ayurvedic medicines since many years. Such a healthy fruit is available only in particular season. So, I use to prepare it as pickle, in large quantity and refrigerate it for a period of 6 to 8 months. Pickles, usually calls for lot of oil and salt in its recipe and that’s why most of the people dare to take it. But, the recipe herein, doesn’t contains even a drop of oil and less amount of salt too! So, we can take it without any fear.
During our childhood days, we use to eat gooseberry, though it is sour in taste, in large quantity, with salt and chilly powder mixed in one hand, and use to dip gooseberry in that spice powder and eat it. It tastes really divine! once we finish off eating it, immediately we drink a glass of water and it gives a sweet taste, while drinking. Those are really memorable sweet days…

Lemon Pickle–With Zero Oil

Summer has already started to take its step slowly towards South India, particularly here in Chennai. The weather is hot now itself and hey….  its time for…. “PICKLES”. Yeah, summer is the right time to prepare pickles and store it throughout the year. Pickles…. makes my mouth water now itself. Generally, we use to prepare different type of pickles in different methods, how their mom’s and grand mom's were used to do. For the past one week, am seeing lot of lemons heaped in vegetable stores, which is also for nominal rates. The Fresh Yellow color was so inviting and I set my mind to buy it a lot. But, what can I do with such a large number? Yes, I prepared my mindset to prepare Lemon Pickle, after a lot of mood swings, since my SH, won’t even touch it, because of doctor’s advice.  But for me, I always have a special craze for pickles, not just lemon alone but for mango and gooseberries too.

Idly Batter for Preparing Soft Idlis

Idly or Idli and Dosa’s are the most common breakfast / dinner items for people in South India. Dosas will however turn good, in most of the times we prepare it. But, preparing soft Idly, is a little tricky job, where the secret lies behind the batter we prepare for it. Most of us know how to prepare idly batter and soft idlis. But, few may not know how to prepare the idli batter. And few, know how to make idli batter but it will not yield soft idly’s. For the beginners and for who think why the batter is not yielding soft idli, the post comes here.


Idly Dosai Milagai Podi

Sometimes, simple and less amount of ingredients, with less work, makes magic Winking smile tastewise and even we too stick to its taste and use frequently and repeatedly ( Hope everyone agrees with me).  Such one recipe is Idly Milagai Podi. “Idly Podi” or “Dosa / Dosai Podi” or “Ennai Podi” or “Idly Milagai Podi”, called out with varied names Confused smile and with varied recipes, from home to home, state to state, is a spicy dry powder, made with a main combination of Black Gram and Dry Red Chilly,  which is mixed with sesame oil, and used as a side dish (sometimes Ennai Podi becomes main dish for me and my son, we both love that much, mmmm….mouthwatering Smile with tongue out for me now itself!) , for Idli’s and Dosa’s (Hhhmmmm….. whooo…. completed the very long sentence anyhow!(LOL!) ).