A visit to Munnar, Kerala..

Everyone’s wish for a summer vacation is to visit a hill station with cool climate. We also planned for the same and decided to go to munnar, Kerala. The reason being its just 150 kms from Madurai (our native place). Alternatively we had other option of going to kodaikanal which we felt is boring and as well is much crowded during summer vacation. So here we go to Munnar.
munnar tour 068            
(15kms before munnar, Tamil Film Myna being shot at this place)
We hired Toyota Qualis and we were totally 7 including my son Amiitesh. The charge is quite reasonable as the total travelling distance may not exceed 500kms. We completed with 540kms.
The way we took is via Theni – > Bodinayakkanur – > Bodimedu –> Poopara –> Munnar. Total distance is 160kms and travelling time is nearly 5 hours, we had our breakfast at Theni.
munnar tour 081          
(15kms before munnar, Tamil Film Myna being shot at this place)

One should not close their eyes while on the way to munnar, as the entire hill range is covered with greenery. Everywhere green, green, green….. One should not miss this. Another important is that the entire hill range is covered with tea estates. They are just awesome.  Stop the vehicle, take a snap and enjoy.
munnar tour 220              

(Tea estate from the road side view..)
On the way to munnar, just 15kms before, there is a spot where the Tamil film “Myna” is been shot. Its really a cool and nice place to see and enjoy the low degrees. See the first image in this blog post.
Once we reached Munnar, there are large number of hotels,cottages you can book, though you can book online also. We booked a cottage in the tea county road, just less than half  a km from the town.
 munnar tour 092                

(the cottage where we stayed…)
Later the same day we visited the following places Mattupetty dam, echo point, Kundala Dam and Top point. Both the dams are very scenic and beautiful. See the pictures below
In Top point, you can see the entire hill ranges and you feel like you are flowing in the air, it’s a marvelous feeling and the top point lies in Tamil Nadu.
munnar tour 101               
Above Picture :-
(Mattupetty Dam)
All the four places the two dams, echo point and top point all lies in the same way, it takes nearly 6 hours to visit the dams (Boating charges extra), echo point and top point (Rs.15 to see it).
munnar tour 130                      
Above Picture :-
(Echo Point – where when you shout the forest infront of you will echo it)

munnar tour 140                     
Above Picture :-
(Kundala Dam)
munnar tour 188                        
Above Picture :-
Top Point.
Once the journey is over, we are back to the cottage and the next day morning, we changed our plan and we planned for thekkadi. Since there is one more place to see in munnar, ie the varaiyadu (that we are not interested), we planned for thekkadi.
We started our journey in the 11’o clock morning and reached Kumili around 2PM in the noon.
On the way, we took snaps of the various tea estates.
munnar tour 234              
Above Picture :-
Tea Estates on the way… So many estates, you can see like this in Munnar)
Its nearly 110km from Munnar to Thekkadi and again the scene is lovely on the way. This time you can see fully elachi plant planted nearly for more then 50kms in the entire hill range.
munnar tour 270                                                                                        
Above Picture :-
everywhere is elachi plant..

We took some wet elachi plants, the aroma will be there only when it is dry. Once we reached thekkadi, we thought of boating, but we couldn’t get the tickets as the tickets are sold for the day. If you are planning to go to thekkadi boating, then plan to go in the morning, only then you may get the boating tickets.
munnar tour 283
Above Picture :-Thekkadi…Later we retuned to madurai from thekkadi, before cumbum, one can see huge number of grape plants and you can purchase grapes at a cheaper rate and even you can take photographs of the graph plant.
munnar tour 312
                Then we reach madurai around 9PM.  Its just a two day trip as munnar is just 160km away from madurai.
Budget needed for Munnar Travel
Rent for Car – rs. 5000
Cottage rent  Rs. 2500
Food/Other – Rs. 2000
Approximately, Rs. 10000 being spent for two days for 7 persons.
IF you are planning from Chennai or Bangalore, calculate the Charges and timing as per their convenience. Self Drive / hiring a car is the best option in Munnar.