Back from Vacation and Awards!!!

I enjoyed my vacation well to the fullest i can and i missed allmy blogger buddies. I have received number of entries for the chicken event and thanks to everybody for participating in the event. As soon as possible, i will be here again with the round up of the chicken event!

Some of my blogger friends has received me back to this blogger world with their awards.

Sireesha and Sudeshna has passed me their lovely "Chocoholic Award" and am very happy to receive it from both of them.

Ramya has passed me her "Hard Working Bloggers Award" and Thank u so much Ramya!

Sudeshna has passed me her cute "Butterfly Award" and thank u so much dear!

And I like to pass this award to all my blogger friends who are my great support and backbone to develop this blog to this extent!

And one more happiness to be shared with you all! My blog has been once again selected this month too as a to be featured in Sangeeth's blog! I feel very happy to be a "Featured Food Blog" and thanks Sangeeth!


Sangeeth said...

you are welcome shweety and hope you had a great time!

Curry Leaf said...

Nice to have you back.Hope you had a nice Diwali

Madhavi said...

Welcome back and congratulations on ur awards:))

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the awards and welcome back!

SriLekha said...

thanks Sangeeth, Curry Leaf, Madhavi and Cynthia and i missed u all!