Poondu Kuzhambu / Garlic Kuzhambu

Poondu Kuzhambu, I use to prepare, is different from other kulambus / gravies. It is little thick in consistency, with the oil floating on top and with added tanginess and really it tastes yummy Smile with tongue out. Garlic has lot of medicinal properties and so adding it in our daily food is good for our health.
Garlic Pods one handful
Kuzhambu Podi 6 tsp
Tamarind one big marble size / one small lemon size
Salt to taste
Cooking Oil 1/4 cup


Cooking Instructions:
Peel the skin of the garlic and trim the top edge of the garlic. Heat oil in a deep pan and add garlic pods to it and fry till it slightly changes golden brown ( Do not burn it, so keep an eye on the garlic pods while you fry!)  in color in medium flame.
Soak tamarind in 1/2 cup of a water for a while, and crush it with your hands to extract the pulp and strain the water using a strainer.
In the meantime, while frying the garlic, add Kuzhambu Podi , salt, tamarind water and 2 and 1/2 cups of water in a  bowl and mix well with your hands, so that no lumps are found.
Now add this mixture to the pan and when it starts to boil well, reduce it to medium flame. Let it boil continuously in medium flame, and when it reduces to half of the size, the raw smell will subsides and the oil starts to float on the top. Switch off the flame at this time and transfer it to a serving bowl. Tangy and yummy Poondu Kulambu is ready to serve!
You can refrigerate and use this Poondu Kuzhambu even for a week!



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