Homemade Masala Chai Powder and Masala Chai

I always like to have my cup of Chai / Tea (a hot beverage) piping hot. I use to start my day daily with a cup of hot tea, which makes me brisk and bright. Masala Chai is a blend of aromatic spices with our normal tea. Masala Chai gives a warmth feeling, when we have it during rainy days or at winter time. Combination of spices and the amount of spices added in preparing masala chai powder depends upon individual taste. People who love the flavor of ginger in tea can add more ginger while preparing masala powder and who love cardamom flavor can add more number of cardamoms. So, everything is at their own discretion. When you have cold and congestion in nose, Masala Chai really gives a good relief and soothing feel.


Homemade Masala Chai Powder


Pepper 1 tbsp
Cloves 25 or 1 tsp
Cardamom 18 or 1 heaped tsp
Dry Ginger / Sukku 2 small pieces (shown in the image)
Cinnamon 8 inch or 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp


Preparation Instructions:

Add all the measured ingredients (except Sugar) one by one in a fry pan and fry in medium flame. 


Fry the ingredients for 4 to 5 minutes in the medium flame. Then switch off the flame and let the ingredients to cool for a while. Once it is cooled, transfer it to a mixer jar along with sugar (sugar is added to grind the cardamom to a fine powder) and grind it to a fine powder.


Transfer the grinded powder to a metal strainer and sieve it well since you can find some coarse powder. Store the smooth sieved powder in an airtight container and use it whenever required.


Homemade Masala Chai Powder is ready for use!!!


Preparing Masala Chai


Boiled Milk 2 cups
Sugar 3 and 1/2  tsp (adjust according to your taste)
Tea 2 tsp
Masala Chai Powder 3/4 tsp (adjust according to your taste)

Preparation Instructions:

Take milk in a pan and add sugar, tea powder, and masala chai powder and mix well and bring it to a good boil in medium flame.


Once it starts to boil, simmer the flame and let it to boil for one more minute. Then switch off the flame and strain it in a glass.


Masala Chai is ready to sip!



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Love the masala ..Homemade is always best

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Very nice recipe. Recently i blogged a recipe of Punjabi Tea Masala. Do have a look,

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I love masala chai. You make your tea masala very similar to mine. Great photographs to explain it all.

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