Curd has 10 gms of proteins in it. So its a good dish having protein.


Onion – 1/2 (finely chopped)
Tomato – 1 (finely chopped)
Bengal Gram – 1 tbsp
Red Rice (Pacharisi) – 1 tbsp
Grated Coconut – 8 tbsp
Garam Masala – ½ tbsp
Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp
Fresh Curd – 50 ml (beat it with a spoon well)
Mustard Seeds – 1 tbsp
Dry Red Chilly – 4
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Coriander Leaves – few
Salt – to taste
Cooking Oil

Service For: 2 People
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Instructions:

Soak red rice and bengal gram in water for 15 minutes. Add grated coconut, soaked gram and rice, ginger garlic paste, and turmeric powder and garam masala to a mixie jar and grind it to a fine paste by adding enough water.

Heat oil in a deep pan and sauté it with mustard seeds and red chilly. Add chopped onions and tomatoes to it and fry it till it is crushed well. Now add the grinded paste to it and keep frying until the raw small leaves off. Now add enough water and bring it to boil and let it to cook for 5 minutes in a simmer flame. When the kolambu has thicken well, add beaten curd and chopped coriander leaves to it and let it cook for 5 minutes in simmer flame and switch off the stove.

You can serve this along with hot rice and ulundhu vadai. While you serve morkolambu with rice, you can soak the ulundhu vadai in morkolambu for 5 minutes and you can serve that as side dish for rice. This vadai tastes great.

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