EFM - Breakfast Series Round Up - Part 3!

Hi Friends!
Happy to see you all in the Part - 3 Round Up of EFM - Breakfast Series! But Yet i have some more entries to be published. So i have one more round up of entries to be published. But taking my health condition into account, i have planned to publish the next round up after 3 or more days. Since i have frequent giddiness for the past few days, am not able to sit in front of the system and work for a long time. This is what the reason for why am not blogging frequently now - a - days and why am not able to visit your blogs and all! Hope you all understand my problem and await for few more days for another part of round up of this series! Will recover soon and be again with you with my sweet recipes!

Let's now see the third part of round up!

71. Mango Pancake with Pear Stuffing from Priti

72. Morkali / Mor koozhu from Preethi

73. Vegetarian Omelet from My Experiments & Food

74. Nameless Delight from SGD (Sharmistha)

75. Pesarattu from Divya Vikram

76. Coconut Quinoa from Sadhana

77. Vangi Bhath from Priyasuresh

78. Eggless Oats, Cornmeal N Orange Scones from Priyasuresh

79. Spinach Mini-Dosas from Priyasuresh

80. Mixed Vegetable N Paneer Tomato Rice from Priyasuresh

81. Microwave Swiss Muesli from Priyasuresh

82. Low Fat Eggless Chocolate N Banana Loaf from Priyasuresh

83. Soft Idli from Priyasuresh

84. Chinese Vegetable Fried RIce from Priyasuresh

85. Oats N Methi Paratha from Priyasuresh

86. Potato N Bellpepper Masala Rice from Priyasuresh

87. Microwave Stuffed Vegetable Idli from Priyasuresh

88. Moroccan Batbout from Priyasuresh

89. Microwave Muesli N Chocolate Bars from Priyasuresh

90. Rosti -Swiss Potato Pancake from Priyasuresh

91. Multigrain Porridge(Kanji) from Sadhana

92. Croissants from Akal's Saappadu

93. Brioche from Akal's Saappadu

94. Poori from Akal's Saappadu

95. Vegetable Idli from Ann

96. Semiya Uppma from Vidhas

97. Broken wheat proddige from Vidhas

98. Idli Sambar from Sarah Naveen

99. Classic French Toast from Indrani

100. Scrambled Paneer sandwich w/Focaccia from Indrani

Will see you all soon in the Part - 4 EFM - Breakfast Series!

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chakhlere said...

Hey that's again an interesting round up!
Take care of your health and get well soon!

Hari Chandana said...

Wonderful $ delicious round up.. :)

kittymatti said...

wow! delicous round up.take care of your health and get well soon dear

Pooja said...

Lovely round up! Hope you get well soon!

Divya Vikram said...

Great roundup and hope you get well soon!