EFM - Mutton Series Round Up!

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Presenting you the Round Up for the "EFM - Mutton Series" and I Welcome you all to the Round Up! A surprise awaiting for u all at the end of the Round Up....!

My sincere thanks to all you wonderful bloggers, who joined me to celebrate the Mutton Series and making this one, a successful event. So get ready to bookmark your favorite recipes and try it out in your kitchen. I received totally 31 types of mutton recipes. Can we all get this altogether from one person or from one book? It's impossible, i can say!

Thank you one and all for your delicious contributions and making it a very successful event. It’s because of you all lovely bloggers now we have One-Stop-Shop for Various mutton recipes. I am really very happy and thank you all for your support and encouragement. I have submitted the round up in the order i have received the entries.Here is what you have been looking forward to…

1. Simple Mutton Pulao  from "ASRA"...ASHAON KA

2. Mutton Kurma from Usha Nandhini's Recipes

3. Meat Rassa / Mutton Gravy from "ASRA"...ASHAON KA

4. Mutton Potato Curry from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

5. Potato Mutton Curry from Me n My Apron

6. Mutton Chops from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

7. Mutton Bone Soup from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

8. Mutton Bone Sambar from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

9. Mutton Biryani from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

10. Mutton Liver Pepper Fry from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

11. Mutton Liver Curry from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

12. Mutton Kulambu from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

13. Mutton Mocchai Kolambu   from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

14. Mutton biryani Version 2 from Easy 2 Cook Recipes

15. Green Mutton Chops from Nivedita's Kitchen

16. Mutton Gravy from My Kitchen

17. Lamb / Mutton Cury from Anita's Kitchen

18. Mutton Fry from Appetite Treats

19. Mutton with Drumsticks from AvathiRao's Kitchen

20. Chettinaad Dum Mutton Biryani from Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

21. Coconut free Mutton Biryani from Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

22. Mutton Kola Urundai from Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

23. Spicy Mutton Chops from Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes

24.  Lamb Kheema Curry from Anita's Kitchen

25. Mutton Curry from Nivedita's Kitchen

26. Ghost Shahjehani from Hamaree Rasoi

27. Lamb Leg Soup from Simple and Yummy Recipes

28. Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani from Denu Food

29. Kosha Mangsho from Gourmet Affair

30. Kheema Pav from Khaugiri

31. Mutton Podimas from Alamelu Mangai's Kitchen

If i have missed any of your entries, please contact me to my mail id srikitchen@gmail.com, so that i can update the missing entries.

We all know that "Participation is more important than success!". So we should always encourage the participants of any contests. So, i too like to award all the participants of this contest with this " Chef Award". All the participants, please grab this award and display it in your blog proudly!

Undoubtedly, the First Place goes to Shama Nagarajan of Easy 2 Cook Recipes, for sending maximum of 10 entries to the event! Enjoy it and Congrats Shama! She is the winner of my last event too!

And the Second Place goes to Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes and she has send 4 entries for the event and  Congrats to you Priya! 



nivedita said...

Hi Sri
Congrats! Great work.
Still to check all the recipes.
Congratulations to you and the winners.
I should say " What a Meat(y) round up"

Asha said...

Wonderful collection of Mutton recipes, wish I could Mutton here. Bookmark this page anyway, great job girl! :)

SE said...

great roundup..congrats to the winners !!

Priya said...

Delicious and excellent roundup Sri..thanks for this beautiful award..

Avaneesh Raj Mohan said...

wow!! lot of mutton recipes..
i m waiting to try all those recipes..
thanks sri for the wonderfull event...

Shama Nagarajan said...

great roundup....thank you for this lovely award

Gita said...

Great job Sri...nice collection of recipes here :)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Thanks Sri for compiling all the Mutton recipes and letting us try one by one.


AshKuku said...

That was indeed a grand success Sri.... Awesome looking roundup..... All yummy 'Mutt-on' this blog..... I am dead just drooling over those yummies.....

I know your next series which is totally awesome would beat all records u have created.....so far....



Khaugiri said...

Gr8 Roundup!!!!!! Thanks for the lovely Award:)

AshKuku said...

Hey Sri,
thanks for that piece of TOFA.... It meant a lot.... I looked around for it the last time I came.... Finally found one.... I love to collect TOFAs...... I feel good... Thanks again....


nivedita said...

Hi Sri,
Thank you so much for the award.
Very cute chef you have given me! I am taking him home!

nivedita said...

I am not able to copy and paste the award in my blog. Its not giving access. Please do chk.

Nandini said...

Great round up! Nice work dear:)
Beautiful header!

Rahin said...

Awesome round up Sri , sorry could not send in my entry on time, was caught up with flu