Raw Banana / Valakkai Fry


Raw Banana – 2
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Broken Black Gram – 1 tsp
Dry Red Chilly – 3
Curry Leaves – few
Salt- to taste
Cooking Oil

Cooking Instructions:

Peel off the skin of raw banana and cut it into small cubes. Add the raw banana cubes in a pan with enough amount of salt and 2 glasses of water. Let it to cook in a high flame. It will get cooked within 5 minutes. It should not be overcooked since it spoils the taste of the dish. When the raw banana cubes are cooked, switch off the flame and drain the excess water and keep them aside. Let it to cool for few minutes.

Heat oil in a pan and sauté it with mustard seeds, broken black gram dry chilly and curry leaves and onion. Add cooked raw banana and stir fry it for few minutes and switch off the flame.

Side Dish: Serve it with hot rice

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Mahimaa's kitchen said...

this is new to me. i usually fry the vazhakai like we do for potatoes.. this is a nice variation.

DEESHA said...


nice recipe

Sucharitha said...

Hi Srilekha, thanks for dropping by Krishnaarpanam. I never knew that one gets to know so many people through blogs until I started one. Shall surely try to join the Savoury event. You too have lots of yummy recipes on your site. Nice meeting you.

SriLekha said...

thanks mahimaa!

thanks deesha!

thanks sucharita for dropping by my blog!

vivari said...

how do I post a recipe for the event of this month

Preety said...

this is something new for me..thanks for the recipe

Preety said...

hey this is something new for me..thanks for sharing

SriLekha said...

thanks preety!

thanks vivari for dropping by my blog!

Gita's Kitchen said...

This is very different, color looks good too, whenever I make this fry it will be brown, I'll try your method soon :)

SriLekha said...

thanks gita! tell me how it come out!

indiafoodrecipes said...

I like your valakkai curry method,next time i will try that recipe.