Whenever I read magazines, I come across lot of useful tips. I use to collect it whenever I see and have provided that here so that more people can get use of it.

 If you forget to soak mookukadalai / kondaikadalai / Channa the previous night, no need to worry. Take a bowl full of hot boiling water and soak the channa in that and put this bowl in a hot pack. Otherwise, you can pour that hot water in a flask and soak the channa in that. Wait for an hour and open the hot case / flask, you can get well soaked channa. You can use this tip for any kind of dry beans.

 When tamarind you stored has become too dry, you can make tamarind as small balls and put it in the container in which you have stored sea salt. Tamarind will beome soft in an overnight.

 While you cook bajji or vads at home, add a small ladle of hot cooking oil to the batter you have prepared, you will get puffy vadas / bajjis.

 When you buy cauliflower or radish, buy the one which has more leaves in it. Because, it has rich protein in it. You can use those leaves for cooking.

 Dry roast fenugreek seeds until it changes to red color and grind it to a fine powder. When u prepare kolambu and sambar, you can add ½ tsp of this powder, so that you will get good smell.

 You can use this fenugreek powder for diabetes patient also. When u prepare dosa for diabetes patients, dilute ½ tsp of fenugreek powder in little amount of water and mix this in dosa batter. And now you can prepare dosa usually. It helps to control diabetes.

 Before you use potatoes for cooking, let the potatoes to be soaked in water for a while, so that all the dust and sand in the corner of potatoes will be well washed.

 When u prepares payasams, add some cubes of apples, roundly sliced bananas and grapes to it. You keep this mix in fridge for a while and serve it cool. It will be a healthy fruit salad for u.

 When u grind black gram, add a tray full of ice cubes to it while grinding. You will get ore amount of batter.

 When you buy spinach or any greens, instead of simply washing and cooking it, take a bowl of little hot water and add little salt to it and wash the spinach in that water, so that germs in it will be completely destroyed.

 If you are a vegetarian, add soya beans in your food more. Because soya is rich in proteins, phosphorous , iron, and it helps to get rid of nerves problems.

 When u prepare payasams at home, if you find water coming separately out of the dish after you add jiggery or sugar, do not worry. Take any type of biscuits and powder it and add this powder to the payasam, you will get good payasam with different taste also.

 If you want soft chapattis, add roasted gram powder with the wheat flour. Ratio to be mixed is 1:3 respectively. Grind the roasted gram
(pottukadalai/porikadalai) to a fine powder.

 When u prepare batter for vadas, add 10 tbsp of red gram to the black grm, so that vadas wont absorb oil too much.

 If the crispy dosas you are preparing is breaking into pieces, take a bread slice and dip it into cooking oil and rub this bread slice in the dosa pan well. Now your crispy dosas won’t break to pieces. It’s enough if you do like this once and no need to rub for every dosa you prepare.

 If the venpongal you prepared has become waste since you prepared it in excess amount, do not worry and no need to throw it away in the dustbin. Grind the excess pongal to a smooth batter and add chopped onions to it and make small balls out of it. And dry it in sunlight and you can use it as vadagams. Otherwise, you can add self raising flour and chopped onions to the grinded rice and you can prepare pakodas out of it.

 Broad beans are good for sugar complaint and blood pressure patients.

 While u prepare noodles, add a tbsp of oil to the water, so that noodles won’t stick to each other.

 If you have chopped tomatoes in excess, do not worry and do not throw it away. Take a bowl of water and add a little salt to it and soak the excess chopped tomatoes in it. Tomatoes will not be decayed and can be preserved well in the same state for 2 days.

 You can add salt in the flower vase along with water, so that flowers will be fresh for a long while.

 Any oil stains in clothes, do not worry. Take half a bucket of hot water, add soap powder and little amount of soda salt (that we use in idli batter) and mix it well. Soak the oil stained clothes in this water for an hour and then wash it. You won’t find any stains.

 When u sauté mustard seeds or cumin seeds for rasam, use ghee instead of cooking oil for sauting. You will get good aroma.

 Feeling difficult to peel off the skin of baby/ small onions… soak onions in water for 10 minutes and then you peel it off… now u feel easily and no need to shed tears also.

 Rice flour getting waste soon due to insects…. As soon as you buy rice flour, fry it in an empty pan a while and let it to cool and store in containers. It won’t be decayed or spoiled by insects.

 When you make sugar syrup, add four tbsp of milk to the boiling sugar syrup, you can see dirts from sugar will start to float on the top or will stick to the sides of pan. Now you can easily remove the dirt with the help of a spoon.

 When u prepare kolambu or sambar, have u added excess salt? Add some cubes of potatoes to it and let it cook a while. Potatoes will absorb the excess salt.

 To protect wheat flour from insects, add salt in a small piece of cloth and knot the cloth well. Put this salt bag in the container you store wheat.

 Have the papads and biscuits has lost its crispiness since you haven’t store it in container? Don’t worry… heat a dosa tawa/ pan and dry roast the appalams and biscuits in that a while. you will get the crispiness again.

 Is the holes in your coffee filter is completely closed and decotion is not getting own? Don’t worry. Boil the filter in hot water a while. all the holes will get opened now.

 Put a little amount of filter coffee powder in an open container (do not close the container) and keep it in your refrigerator. Your refrigerator now won’t have any bad smell. You will get good aroma whenever you open your refrigerator.

 When u prepare batter for poori, add a tbsp of sugar along with the salt in the flour. You will get puffy pooris.


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