Garlic / Poondu Kolambu / Losan Kolkar


Garlic / Poondu – 20 pods
Kolambu Podi – 6 tbsp
Tamarind Juice – 10 tbsp (add as u require)
Salt – to taste
Cooking Oil – 10 to 15 tbsp (if u add more oil, we can preserve this kolkar for 3 days)

Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Service For: 3 People

Cooking Instructions:

Heat oil in a deep pan and when the oil starts to smoke, add garlic pods to it and fry well until it turns golden brown color and smells well. Add enough water, salt and kolambu podi to it and mix well without forming any lumps. Let it to boil in a simmer flame and should attain thick consistency. It should be thicker in consistency than usual kolambu we prepare. It tastes delicious when served with rice. Everybody will like to have some more rice.


Sireesha said...

Garlic kolambu looks delicious....Its new for me....Will ty it :))

SriLekha said...

thanks sireesha!

Sujatha said...

Poondu kuzhambu looks mouthwaretring, Sri.... I make a similar version, but I do add some onions along with garlic! Next time I'll try this way :)

Sireesha said...

The Award is waiting for u at my blog:))

SriLekha said...

thanks sireesha and sujatha!

notyet100 said...

whts cookin today..?

SriLekha said...

Oh just wait priyanka!