I have been tagged by Skribles and happy to do it for her!

1. What i was doing 10 years ago?
Doing my schooling in Madurai.

2. Five things on today's "To Do" list
Playing with my son amiitesh
Eating and Cleaning Vessels
Posting a recipe in blog
Cleaning Home

3. I am addicted to
Snacks items and going for outing

4. Things i would do if i were a billionare
No am not sure what will i do at that moment! But i guess I will take my hubby and son for a world tour!

5. Places I have lived
Around Tamilnadu

And i would like to tag



Sagari said...

Thank u so much for likeing my blod design Srileka ,I designed it myself

notyet100 said...

hi srilekha i did this tag yesterday u can read my answers in my tshirt blog,

Priti said...

Hey enjoyed reading your tag...Check my blog award waiting for U

Sanhita said...

Hi. Please check my blog. There is something waitong for you there.

Sia said...

thanks for the tag sri:)

SriLekha said...

thanks sagari and u have done a good job!
thanks sanhita!
u r always welcome sia!
thanks priti and Priyanka!